No one enjoys waiting for hours on end for a flight. Luckily, the county of Staffordshire has a large number of attractions to give people an alternative to sitting in a departure lounge all day. Of course it is important to be vigilant of the time when visiting these attractions so that you give yourself ample notice before checking into the airport.

If you want to enjoy the Staffordshire area for a number of hours, then it may be better to store your luggage securly in town and then retrieve it closer to the flight time. There are number of storage areas in the county, and a quick search will give you an idea of the best ones to use in the parts of town you decide to visit. Alternatively you can store it at the airport itself.

Places To Visit In Staffordshire Before A Flight

  • Alton Towers

This theme park is one the most lauded in the entire county. It has some of the most intense rides and roller coasters, the latest of which is the fast travelling Wicker Man. For those who want a thrill ride before they take flight in a plane, this is the best place to visit.

  • Cannock Chase War Cemetery

If you are in a more somber mood, this historical landmark gives visitors the opportunity to pay their respects to the fallen heroes of WW2. It is a poignant and peaceful place to get some quiet time while also learning about the individuals who helped bring an end to the great conflict.

  • Central Forest Park

This beautiful wooded area is popular with those who enjoy picnics. If you are with a family, it is an ideal place to take them for a lunch before a long flight. It is also a great location to stretch your legs before having to sit for hours during your travels.