What Is Economy Sharing

Also known as social lending, economy sharing is the concept that you can earn or save money by renting/selling items or services that are underused by the seller. This can include leasing out an empty property, renting out your car or simply charging people to use everyday items you have no immediate use for. There are many different forms of economy sharing.

How Can Economy Sharing Be Applied To Travel?

When you are away, for instance on holiday you can use economy sharing to your advantage. Your house will be empty. You can rent it out for the duration you are away to other people. This will not only give you an extra bit of income. It will also help ensure your home is safe from burglary as there will always be someone looking after your property.

You can save money by hiring a car for travel from an individual rather than from a company. This can work out cheaper than going through corporate channels. You can also get more value for money by hiring a number of items and services. Instead of buying your luggage bags you can hire them for a small fee. You can also keep your bags in a Radical Storage –  luggage storage network while you wait for your flight.

The Best Items To Hire Through Economy Services

  • Transportation vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles and bikes
  • Accommodation such as holiday homes and flats
  • Storage space such as garages and vaults
  • Cooking amenities including barbecues, stoves and microwaves
  • Electronic equipment such as TVs, laptops and radios

The Best Sites To Help You

  • Parkatmyhouse.com
  • Spareroom.co.uk
  • Gocarshare.com
  • Taskhub.co.uk

These will aid those who wish to hire out various items and services while they are away on travel. They can connect you with people in your area who are interested in hiring them from you.