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Our web page has a fantastic guide to the best guesthouses, B&Bs and hotels within the county of Staffordshire. We also list some of the best places to visit, the numerous sites to see and much more.

It is hoped that this site will help people to have the very best visit possible when spending time in this iconic part of the UK.

Lying in the West Midlands, the area of Staffordshire is home to some of the most enjoyable tourist attractions in Britain. There are a number of airports in the county to commute to and from. There is also a vast number of restaurants to eat at and accommodations to stay within. With that many choices it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Our site is here to narrow your search down. We provide lists of the ideal properties to stay at and eateries to enjoy. We go into detail about what sets each establishment apart from the others. That way you can tailor your choices to your own personal preferences. Our site acts as a guide to make a visit to the county of Staffordshire as fun as it can be.

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